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What exactly is Liberation Unleashed?

Liberation Unleashed (LU) is a global network of people who have experienced an awakening from the illusion of separation and are moved to share this awakening with as many others as possible.

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Liberation Unleashed is not…

Throughout the years our many guides have discovered that one of the major obstacles to the direct, clear seeing of what is already magnificently the case is a thick layer of expectations and narrative about a self’s journey towards enlightenment, built up by years and years of seeking. Getting these expectations out in the open and out of the way is an important first step. Below is a list explaining what the LU process is not:

  • This is not a way to escape your daily life.
  • This is not about gaining something extra, becoming something special.
  • This is not about cultivating an altered state of consciousness.
  • This isn’t a trick of the mind, or twisting the mind into believing certain thoughts.
  • This is not about gaining a particular bit of knowledge.
  • This is not about having a certain thought or sequence of thoughts.
  • This is not about becoming a holy, good, moral or better person.
  • This is not a belief, religion, or a philosophy, it not magical or mystical.
  • This is not going to lead you to eternal peace and happiness, it is not about happiness.
  • This is not about freedom from emotions and intense feelings.
  • This is not about getting rid of self, ego, I.
  • This is not a solution to problems in relationships.
  • This is not a way to get free of depression or other diseases.
  • This is not about stopping thoughts, changing thoughts, getting rid of thoughts.
  • This is not a way to make the story of you disappear.
  • This is not about convincing you of anything.
  • This is not something that will lead to accumulation of money or things.
  • This is not a self improvement program.
  • This is not about getting rid of, or changing physical pain.

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Why would I be interested in this?

Many people go through life with a nagging feeling that something is missing, that something isn’t quite right. Often this propels them into seeking something to get rid of this feeling: traditional religions, alternative spirituality, something that will make them feel complete.

The lucky seeker will come to a point in their search at which the question “Who am I ? ” will emerge. After it has become clear that nothing in the world, no relationship, no possession, no (spiritual) experience, nothing will allow them to finally feel complete, the search turns inward. The new focus inquires into the idea of self – who or what is it that is seeking this completion, this freedom?

This is where LU comes in. We invite people to get rid of all distractions for a moment and direct the gaze at this assumed self- at the you. A period of direct and honest looking at the assumed self will reveal a simple, amazing and directly observable fact – there is no self, there has never been one. Once this is truly seen, not just accepted as a theoretical possibility but actually seen to be the case, the belief in a self (which is all “the self” ever was) gradually (or in some cases, dramatically) falls away. Our natural state remains; pure being, devoid of conceptual confusion, ultimately beyond description.

This awakening from the illusion of self is what we call liberation.

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Is this the end?

No. Seeing through the illusion of a separate self is an important first step in the greater journey of awakening to reality. It’s a necessary step, but is by no means the end of the ride.

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What is next?

Seeing self for what it really is – a story – does not mean that your life is suddenly upgraded in every conceivable way. Old habits, beliefs, programming and conditioning will very probably remain in place. Awakening from the story of you allows old patterns to drop away quickly. The foundation upon which these patterns were based is gone.

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Is it difficult to see?

Yes and no. It is difficult, because it is very simple. The mind loves complexity and will gladly take any opportunity to distract itself with puzzles. If there is a sincere desire to know the truth and honestly look at direct experience, seeing the absence of self is quite easy.

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How can I function properly without a self? Won’t I lose all motivation in life?

Everything is already functioning properly without a self. It was never more than an illusion in the first place. In this sense, nothing changes after awakening.

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I am depressed and anxious. Will liberation help me?

Liberation is not a cure for physical or mental disorders. Any psychological effect experienced passing through the gateless gate is entirely personal, and no two people have the same experience. Seeing through the illusion of self is an important step in seeing through the stories that fuel depression and anxiousness, which both derive from that same self illusion.

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Will I never suffer again?

The answer depends on how we define suffering. If you hope to enter a life of unending bliss and only happy feelings, you’re going to be disappointed. Life will go on as before. All sorts of emotions will continue to arise. Yet, without the concept of a central self to stick to, how can there truly be suffering?

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Does this work for everyone? …

…Do I need a spiritual background or have done spiritual practices to be able to do this inquiry?

Direct Pointing does not require you to have spent years in meditation or studying arcane tomes of wisdom. Often, conceptual baggage hinders seeing the simplicity of what we are pointing to. The Direct Pointing process can be successfully completed by anyone. All that is required is a willingness to put aside preconceptions, a strong desire to know the truth and deep honesty.

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How will I know I’ve awakened?

Awakening will confirm itself- you will come to a point where you will see and know, without a doubt, that there is no self, there has never been a self. Because (self) deception is very common, especially on forums, we’ve established a peer-review system which enables us to get a good idea of where you are in the process of awakening.

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What’s in this for you?

...Since you’re not charging for your work with people, where’s the pay-off? You must be getting something out of all this?

In all the paths there is a selfless service at the end – it is a natural progression of self dissolution – you help others because there are no others, just a movement of the heart, so to speak. It’s not anything new. And there is so much confusion in the world that is coming out of this core belief in a separate self. Once you see it, once you see how simple it is and how much it changes your life, how can you not want to share it?

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Will I be able to transmit it to others?

There is no magic involved in this. Clearly seeing the absence of self will enable you to guide others to this same seeing through the process of Direct Pointing. Should you feel inspired to help guide others, we have various resources to help you do so, including a group dedicated to teaching you the tricks of the trade.

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Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed