Let’s get Real!

“Well… the bad news is that ‘there is no you ‘… and the good news is that ‘there is no you’… Why ? And how is it possible that the self is an illusion created by the mind/thoughts ?

First I would shortly explain what is the direct pointing method. Let’s get Real! Here we are not focusing on ‘who I am’ but on ‘who I am NOT’.It is like: not me trying to reach or find God (which is impossible, because in reality there’s no me)but to humble or erase my-self, so IT can be found. It Happens. Magick happens.

The DP method is about finding out if our beliefs represent truth ?It only requires honestly looking inward, examining our thoughts, sensations, what they are, how they function, what is the relationship between them and the body. We have to look deep and see what is behind the self ? We find Nothing …. What is at the same time Everything…. Freedom…. Salvation… End of suffering.It is about leaving behind false beliefs and recognizing the simple Truth that there is no self. So, at the end we realize by directly seeing that ‘me’ is nothing but a thought about ‘me’. (This was my AHA moment.) And this is it !

From people with christian background I would ask first what is their interpretation of Jesus’s teaching ; He said that if we want to follow him, we have to ‘loose ourselves’.What is a self and why is it important to ‘loose’ it ? [it is preventing us from seeing Oneness] And what does it mean ‘the Truth will set us free’ ? To free from what ? [our misleading mind/thoughts], and how ? [by looking at them and realizing that they create illusion].

In my understanding the “I” thought is what the Bible calls original sin. Realizing no-self means regaining back the (seemingly) lost innocence by falling into duality.And what is a selfless action? It only happens – there’s no ego involved in it – there is nobody doing it.”

(Source: http://liberationunleashed.com/nation/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=241&start=40)


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