There’s a lie right at the center of life.

“You ever notice how something doesn´t seem quite right about reality? How, despite the abundance of available advice, we end up creating repeated misery for ourselves and others? How life doesn´t seem to make sense? Maybe that´s why we enjoy movies like The Matrix and The Truman Show, affirming reality isn´t what it pretends to be? Well, it´s because it´s true! Reality isn´t what it pretends to be!

There´s a lie right at the center of life. It´s like those spy thrillers, looking for the mole, the investigation leading closer and closer to the heart of the Secret Service itself. But in your, and my and everybody elses case, the lie resides right at our own center, at the place we call I, or me. Investigate; is the word/thought/sense of I or me pointing to an underlying reality? Just like the word rain points to the wet stuff in your face, or the words fear and joy point to a set of body sensations? Or is it the case that the words I and me are just words, underpinned by nothing more real and solid than the word Santa Claus? I found the latter to be true.

I´m still trying to handle the implications of this. But let me tell you this much. As far as I can see, most of my psychological suffering has been because I believed in an I. And I´ve hung around with Buddhists for almost 25 years! They´re specialised in no I! But the idea is not enough. You need to see this, clearly and directly for yourself. Just like you see there is no Batman in this room now. Once you´ve seen it, no one will be able to convince you otherwise. Of course, we keep using the first person pronoun, it helps us communicate. Me, I´m still new in life without the lie. And I suspect I´ll occasionally fall into delusion again, habits die hard. But then I´ll just look for Batman, and notice he´s still not here! Interested?

There are some good people at Do you really want to postpone taking the red pill any longer?”



Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed