What evidence do you have that you exist as a separate being?

“You may be like me, who thought that I was a separate being, sure, part of the whole, but still a separate spirit/soul, who has been incarnating in this world for thousands of years. You might think that you have loads of good or bad karma, and that one day you will be free from this wheel of life and death, by one means or other. But is this true? What evidence do you have that you exist as a separate being?

Who is the “I”, the self? Take a look and see if you can find a self? Is it you who is thinking? Watch your thoughts and see if you can find the thinker, watch your actions and look for the doer. You will start to realise that thinking is happening on its own, that having control of thoughts is another illusion. Thoughts are arising from your mind, which has a lifetime of training in how to think, what is important to pay attention to, as well as all the information from the past and hopes/fears for future, and attention to how others are possibly perceiving you. This big complex program is running itself, there is no “I” making it happen. Actions are arising on their own too, no doer deciding what to do, even though it appears as if there is. Doing happens, walking happens, speaking happens, no doer involved. And if there is no self, there is also no other, just life in another embodiment, the same life that is expressing through you. Sit quietly wherever you are and notice what is real …. such as body, furniture, feelings, thoughts, sensations, surroundings … can you find an “I” here … or are there just thoughts, feelings, sensations etc?”



Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed