I came to see that what I thought I was, was truly just a thought!

“What I would do is to start out with sharing my own experience of what life has been like believing what I thought I was. I would briefly go in to the journey of body improvement, career improvement, material things improvement, and when that didn’t give me any lasting satisfaction, I thought it meant something was wrong with my self-esteem… so then came personality improvement, (which only works if you can become a shape shifter around everyone you meet). Useless! And then explain how much this was experienced as so much unhappiness and stress, peppered with very few genuine moments of happiness in-between!

Then I would explain that one day, I read the words “you are not what you believe.” And that never occurred to me. I thought I was what I believed. That felt like such a relief to hear! And what I learned after researching the subject, and staring to work on the limiting beliefs I had and seeing through some of them as not being true, that for most of my life, what I thought I was, was only a product of what I have been taught and told so many times over and over, that I started believing it. Which was Not Good! And It occured to me that if something is an illusion (not real) than would it ever be possible to make better or improve something that is not real to begin with.

So then, my experience became more of a matter of this being the fundamental importance of my life to discover for myself before I die, what is true, beyond what I have been taught or told.

And then finally, through the guidance of Ingen, I came to see that what I thought I was, was truly just a thought! Wow! And so now, this frees me up to experience life directly without the burden of the weight of that idea – an idea that just wasn’t true anyway.

So, in clearly seeing this for myself, I get to see easily more and more, all the ways that I have identified myself with thoughts that say I am this or I am that, which leaves me free to just experience what is real, rather than having this idea run the show!

And then maybe throw in: “Try it if you are interested…you’ll like it! Besides, what do you have to lose but a bunch of belief’s that create unhappiness anyway!”

And leave it as simple as that, and use intuition to guide.”



Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed