You are literally imagining yourself.

“Have you ever noticed there’s a sense of terror about looking at reality too closely? Like you’ll discover something you didn’t want to know? You’re right, there’s a lot of difficulty you’ll have to work through if you look. It’s not easy. But at the moment you’re living in denial, and the strain is causing you misery, suffering that doesn’t need to be there.

The brain likes to theorize and then prove its theories. So you’ll think something like, “I’m angry,” and then notice how true it is: brows down, face hot, bad feelings. The fists will clench and you’ll start to think about yes, just how very angry you are and at who and why. You’ve given yourself a script and you will follow it to its end, try it out, because it’s an interesting adventure for the brain.

Years and years ago you got curious about having a personality, and decided to test that out. You’ve tried out dozens of traits over the years to figure out what shape your personality has. But it has been like decorating an imaginary Christmas tree. There never was anything to hang those qualities on. You could have been anything. Anything. If you look really closely, honestly, you’ll discover that the terrifying truth is, there never was a you to begin with. Just this thought-experiment in the brain.

Just a body. Solid and straightforward and subject to the same laws as everything else, everything in reality you’ve always considered somehow “other.” The glass wall between your eyes and the universe exists only in your head. You are literally imagining yourself. If it’s not true… prove it to yourself.



Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed