Hey buddy, wanna ”unbite the apple” and reclaim paradise?

“Hey buddy, wanna ”unbite the apple” and reclaim paradise? (even though we never, none of us, ever left)

To unbite the apple is to get unplugged from the illusion of “you”, which is huge freedom. Life continues just like before, but there is silence but at the same time perception intensifies. Instead of perception through thoughts, there is direct, kind of “raw” experiencing of life. I have tried many ways to get unplugged, you know, the “usual stuff” – reading one million books, studying the course in miracles, meditation, rebirthing … everything really beautiful and maybe, in a way, all this was necessary to finally make me really burn for freedom – which made me find a guide to help me see the truth. That’s what it is all about. To look for truth. Now. To look for thruth every moment. Scrutinize everything.Instead of planning and doing life there is letting life unfold. Life invites to a magnificent dance, every moment. Its awesome. The dance of making the laundry, the dance of washing dirty feet, the dance of watching the news on TV. Without resistance to what is. Life itself is a beautiful dancepartner and the only guru you need. And we all know how it is to dance when you just let go of thinking, fear and stiffness and just flows with the music … ”



Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed